Are You Giving Yourself Away?

I was struck by two friends this week who have similar situations going on: like SO many of us. Both just met a guy and have been on several dates. One of the guys has now stopped calling (my friend is heartbroken) and the other guy is going so fast, they are already talking about their financial compatibility/future, and they just met a month ago! 

Are you giving yourself away too soon? 

It's so tempting to give all of yourself when you really like someone. Your time, your love, your space. I get it. I remember feeling that connection with a guy and loving it so much that I was practically willing to do anything to keep that feeling alive. The Indian guy that I met on the plane: Finally, an adult! With a job! Who travels all the time! Who says I'm incredible. Boy, that felt good.

But there is also so much damage that can happen when we do that. In my experience, the guy isn't as vested as we are. At least not as soon as we are.  It is so painful when we give ourselves away (our heart, our mind, our bodies) and then the guy disappears. Or just isn't as "into us" as he once was.

We've got to remember who we are. A treasure. Whose time is precious. How can you guard your heart and not only keep it safe, but keep the guy wanting more? Most importantly, what can you do to protect the valuable and wonderful you?

You are worth it. Be discerning, be good to yourself, and stay grounded in you. 



I've been guilty of this! Thanks for the reminder to stay grounded.

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