How comfortable are you with yourself?

Last month, I spoke at a conference and posed this question: how comfortable are you with yourself? I didn't plan to say it, but when I did, I realized how important and relevant it is.

Many women I know are running around being so busy (I include myself here) that it's hard to actually slow down, stop and think. We're moving so quickly and sometimes it's easier to busy ourselves rather than to face ourselves. Sometimes it's easier to keep going rather than to face our reality, our loneliness, our limitations. 

Yet, there is such value to celebrating who we are! In all of our imperfections, we are wonderfully human and beautiful. The less perfect we are, the more approachable and lovable we are to others, too!

Try something this week: For 2 minutes (and if you can do more, even better!) stand or sit still and think of one thing that you love about yourself. Reflect and receive the kudos from #1 - YOU!

Because you are amazing!


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