Why is it so Hard to Receive?

When I visit Mom in my hometown of Richfield, MN, I am often enlightened by things she does that help me see why I have certain habits and traits. For example, Mom is very self-sufficient and always feels like she’s bothering people. Even her own kids. She’s getting better, but traditionally, has had a hard time letting people help her.

Maybe you grew up that way, too. Be good, stay out of the way, and don't get into trouble. What I’ve noticed in myself is how hard it is to let someone help me, too. “No, thanks, I got it.” Well, sometimes, it would be really nice to have someone help me! It’s so easy to get weary when if we just asked, there are plenty of people who would love to help. Switching things around, I usually feel great when I can help – makes me feel needed. Maybe you can identify.

On a plane to London this year, a male passenger asked if I would like help with my bag. “Yes, please, that would be wonderful!”, I exclaimed. It was a rare experience. Mostly because I was able to graciously receive his gift of service. It felt really good. How can you let someone help you and feel the gift of receiving today? It’s truly a win-win. You get the help you need and the giver feels great to give.

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