Appreciation and Gratitude

On Seeing the Good

Being in a relationship is bringing out the best and the worst of me. Last week Chris and I were at my place with our respective take-out meals, sitting down to watch some of the latest shows on Hulu.

As I take a bite of my delicious chicken club wrap from Morning Due Café, I find a chunk of bone amongst the meat. My first reaction is “No way! How disgusting,” which of course I yell out for him to hear in the kitchen. I’m thinking, “I can’t believe I end up with a bone. It figures”.

Grateful in the bad times

I love life! Most of the time. But lots of times it sucks, too. When I am in a dark place, as a discipline, I do my best to be grateful for that place. God says we are to thank him for trials, but sometimes I think He was nuts to say that. Yet, I trust Him and have found that being grateful for the hard times actually shifts your mindset. It takes the energy away from the darkness or the problem at hand and shifts it to God, who is greater than any problem we have.

Why is it so Hard to Receive?

When I visit Mom in my hometown of Richfield, MN, I am often enlightened by things she does that help me see why I have certain habits and traits. For example, Mom is very self-sufficient and always feels like she’s bothering people. Even her own kids. She’s getting better, but traditionally, has had a hard time letting people help her.

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