Dating Stories

Wise choice!

Here's a story from one of our readers who made a wise choice. Way to go! 

I find a profile of a man who had viewed my own profile first. I thought, "He's cute and I love his profile," so we email. Then we chat online. Then we text. All is going's exciting to have communication with a man again after so long. I try to stay as guarded as I can, but I can't help feeling giddy. Everything is grand.


Keep Your Affirmations to Yourself - at least before the first date

A recently divorced woman (deligently embracing the healing process) had taped a bunch of affirmations to her bathroom mirror. Things like "I am Beautiful", "I am Worthy", "I am Loved".

The time came for her to go on a date, but the night her date picked her up, he asked if he could use her bathroom. Not thinking twice, she said, "Of course."

No Dresses

At first, my eHarmony prospect looked good. On his second email he writes “I’m a little nervous that you’re not wearing a dress in any of your pictures and you have short hair, as well as loving San Francisco. Do you have lesbian tendencies?!”

I was stunned by his question, contemplating the best response (to lovingly and compassionately put him in his place). After sleeping on it I came up with this: “I was amused by your emphasis on thoughts of me having lesbian tendencies. I wonder what's at the core of that?"

The Scavenger Hunt

Had by far the most mysterious and unusual date ever on July 15, 2011. It was really fun before we met. Went downhill quickly.

After a few interactions by email, this guy seemed great. Liked to travel spontaneously like me, knew the SF restaurant scene, great sense of humor, had a job, and could complete a sentence (creatively, I might add). This guy had potential. I was excited.

Dating while Driving

Driving to work on Mission Street, I heard the email alert on my phone that meant only one thing: a hit from an online dating site! Unable to contain my curiosity for the short drive to Mission and 2nd, I found myself looking, then reading, my latest match. Suddenly it occurred to me that I was driving, and that I could easily get into an accident at any moment. I wish it were the safety factor that stopped me.

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