Embarrassing Moments with Parents

Ever had one of these embarrassing moments with your parents?

After my dad passed away in 2007, Mom made it a goal to take every one of us kids (7!) on a trip. In 2011, she took me to Canada and on an Alaskan cruise. We laughed nearly the entire time.

One day, we were approaching the gondola ticket booth in Banff and I was making conversation with the 21-year-old male cashier. He said that he was moving to San Francisco after college.

Wedding Soup

On a business trip to NY in the 100 degree humidity, my female college friend and I happened upon a Turkish restaurant. We sat down in pure exhaustion with our three bags from TJ Maxx. Yunus, our adorable waiter, pulled out a chair just for our bags and I knew we had landed at the right place. A man, providing a chair for our shopping bags? Now, that is a gentleman. I love this place already. Who cares what the food is like?

Lessons from Little House on the Prairie

Growing up, I loved this series. I hadn’t seen it again until this year, when I got cable for the first time ever. Welcome to the 21st century, right? You can imagine my excitement when I saw that it was on. While watching, I was struck by several things that happened in the show about love, relationships, conflict and communication.

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