Self Value

How comfortable are you with yourself?

Last month, I spoke at a conference and posed this question: how comfortable are you with yourself? I didn't plan to say it, but when I did, I realized how important and relevant it is.

Many women I know are running around being so busy (I include myself here) that it's hard to actually slow down, stop and think. We're moving so quickly and sometimes it's easier to busy ourselves rather than to face ourselves. Sometimes it's easier to keep going rather than to face our reality, our loneliness, our limitations. 

Are You Giving Yourself Away?

I was struck by two friends this week who have similar situations going on: like SO many of us. Both just met a guy and have been on several dates. One of the guys has now stopped calling (my friend is heartbroken) and the other guy is going so fast, they are already talking about their financial compatibility/future, and they just met a month ago! 

Are you giving yourself away too soon? 

Are you Addicted?

I know I am. Or should I say “was”. It’s very exciting to watch growth happen in yourself, especially when you’ve spent so much time investing in it! I’m referring to being addicted to attention. Especially from men. Don’t get me wrong, I still love attention. From anybody, for that matter!

But I’ve come a long way. And you can, too. I remember the addiction pulling me in like a magnet – particularly to men that weren't healthy for me. The crazy one who asked me to marry him before we even met, the ex-con, the disappearing one after saying how extraordinary I was.

Who’s defining you?

Anyone else remember the movie Runaway Bride? At the end she says she’s going to find out how she likes her eggs done. Yep, I just gave part of the ending away. This was such a great lesson in self definition. She changed her eggs order with each guy she dated, because she either wanted to please or wanted to appear more like the guy so he’d like her back.

Finding your Voice

It’s 3am on December 10 and I just boarded a plane home from India, ready for a long travel day. Ready to sleep. No one is seated next to me in the middle (score!) and the plane is about to take off. I notice a tall Indian guy walking down the aisle and he stops at my row. His is the middle seat. Shucks. There goes my (already claimed) space.

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