Meet Karen

Karen's Background

Karen Habegger is originally from Minneapolis and grew up with six older brothers, so she was the baby girl her parents were hoping for! Spoiled? Maybe. She graduated from Lafayette College in Easton, PA with a degree in Psychology and her passion for adventure led her to many traveling experiences: a semester in Vienna and then 4 years on the road covering two continents with the performing group Up With People. A childhood dream led her to San Francisco in 1994 and she's called it home ever since.

Professionally, Karen specializes in getting to the heart of the matter: breaking down communication barriers and bringing about clarity from conflict. Her career focus is developing others and she is passionate about transforming leaders. She has served professionals at Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Clorox, AT&T, Kaiser, Dunn & Bradstreet, State Farm, Bacardi, and many others.

Karen’s background began in human resources and includes leadership roles at Gap Inc, Gensler, Revel Coaching and now Decker Communications. Stanford Business School selected her to present on the topic of working in an international market. She has been a featured speaker at several organizations, but one of her most fulfilling experiences was being on radio (the J.O.B. radio show and KFAX), coaching callers on how to make powerful life changes.

In 2010, she began the path of her own clarity – discovering that her deepest desire was to speak to the hearts of single women in dating relationships. She helps them to stop making the same mistakes and be true to themselves instead.

Karen’s style is fun, encouraging and results oriented. She immediately moves past the “fluff” and gets straight to the issue (just ask her clients!).

"The two days you spent in Boston, simply put, were outstanding. The information and knowledge will be put into practice immediately. As a point of fact – you are best in class; your energy and smile are contagious, and the fact that you modeled for 16 hours everything you were discussing really makes the case and point."

Kerri Bailey, Manager, Media Sales, Yahoo!

“Karen is well aware of the ‘secrets’ of organizational practices, negotiation skills, and ways to maneuver through a wide range of situations. Every time I go to Karen for advice, I leave not only with a new set of skills, but also with renewed momentum and a clearer sense of direction.” 

Alex Pagonis, Account Manager, ROI Communication

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