Karen Habegger

What to expect when you bring Karen to your event

My format usually includes some discussion or audience involvement. I often talk for 45 minutes, followed by a Q&A session. Sometimes it will include break-out groups. I create an atmosphere of sharing and openness, so people are encouraged to go as deep as they are willing to go. Hiring me will jumpstart trust within your groups. I love customizing to specific events, so feel free to ask me for what you need.

I bring up things that most of us feel, but probably wouldn't say out loud. This helps people go straight to the issue without shame or fear. I openly talk about my struggles and how I either overcame them or are working through them. My talks are relatable, relevant, and touch areas that we all face.

Authenticity and vulnerability are at the core of my messages, which invite you to be real yourself. I believe in bringing lightness to our heavy stuff, so we have some fun while dealing with it. My desire is that a hunger is stirred within you to be true to yourself and who you were destined to be.

Typical audiences

I often speak at women’s groups or functions at non-denominational Christian churches. I also speak at various conferences, such as BASS in Oakland and the Circle of Women Conference (for financial professionals) in San Mateo, CA.

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