Karen Habegger

What people are saying about Karen

"Karen is gifted in her ability to convey important content in an accessible and personal way. Her warmth and information are a highly effective combination."
Dr. John Townsend
Author of Boundaries, Leadership Coach and Organizational Consultant
"The moment you started speaking, you had so much energy and vivaciousness. Thank you for your willingness to share, to be vulnerable, and to speak what God put on your heart. It takes great courage to speak in front of an audience. You are a great public speaker and a terrific story-teller."
Laurel Fullington
Director, Women's Coffee Talk, Cornerstone Church, San Francisco
"Karen is a speaker that drew an amazing response in our community by sharing her life and lessons learned about the importance of knowing who you are created to be and being true to that. The women that attended her talk were so inspired that they begged for another opportunity to talk with her and ask more questions, so we had a follow-up night with a large turnout of ladies who were refreshed by her perspective on life and love and how finding their true self plays into that. I was so encouraged to see how she was able to relate to women of all ages from late teens to women in their 70's. Her message was hitting all of them and she was able to answer their questions with honesty, sincerity and wisdom. I would highly recommend Karen as a speaker and encourager."
Catherine Schwebel
Chaplain on Mercy Ships, Africa
"Once again, God used your gifting. My word for your style is inviting. You warmly invite people into your journey."
Arlene Wood
Life Coach & Lake Avenue Church Ministry Leader, Pasadena
"Thank you for your workshop "Am I Good Enough to Get a Date?" I said I was hoping to be encouraged, and I was. I appreciated your personal sharing and identified with a lot of it - especially letting other people define me because of a desire to be a people pleaser and getting caught up in being wanted; letting that cloud your thinking about the other person."
BASS Conference Participant
"Thank you for your transparency. Your stories were amazing. The whole talk was like a Pixar moment!"
BASS Conference Participant

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