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Karen Habegger

Why is it called Kissing Frogs Project?

One could say I was a veteran dater. I’d been dating off and on for years and been through my share of failed relationships. It’s like a sport and a job in and of itself.

In early 2011, after a guy I was dating disappeared (see story here), I called a childhood friend for comfort. He listened compassionately, then in his matter of fact fashion, simply said, “You’re just in your kissing frogs project, that’s all.” It hit me like a shot of inspiration. I immediately knew I would use that someday.

And someday has arrived!

The bottom line is that I got really tired of kissing frogs and decided it was time to share my story. I realized that there are a lot of other women like me, and I knew I had to be an ambassador for all of us. But the surprise was in the outcome – it’s not about the guys, it’s about us!

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